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The term ‘Modular Kitchen’, as the name suggests, is derived from the word module which means individual unit. Modular kitchen furniture layouts consist of modules (units) of cabinets which can be arranged according to one’s preference and hence the term ‘modular kitchen’.

1. Clean, modern, and trendy look

2. Different modules of different sizes can be achieved

3. Provides proper space and storage management

4. Designed as per the dynamics of the room

5. Easy to Install, maintain & repair

6. Fewer efforts in cleaning

7. Easily moved to your new home

8. Modular kitchens are a style statement

9. Wide range of finishes

Yes, you can select any design based on your kitchen shape. Thanks to our app ‘Saviesa Dreamviewer’ you can customize your kitchen in the virtual world by selecting from various kitchen layouts, cabinets, floors, countertops, and appliances.

Most conventional kitchen cabinets are wooden, which makes them prone to attack from termites and other borers. Most of them use high-quality plywood that is resistant to boiling water and undergo treatment to allow them to handle moisture better. While some cabinets use cheap MDF and particle board instead of plywood, reputed modular kitchen manufacturers take additional care to ensure that the kitchen is easy to maintain and durable. Some of the additional measures they take to make the kitchen last longer include lining the cabinet doors with aluminium, especially in water-prone areas such as sink cabinets. While the cabinet will match the rest of the units, it will have added protection to make it more durable.

Yes, there is a warranty of 7 years on the kitchen and a lifetime warranty on accessories.

1. Straight shaped

2. L-shaped

3. Parallel shaped/ Galley shaped

4. C/ U-shaped

5. G-shaped/ Peninsula shaped

6. Island shaped